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Sermons | The Dover Church

Rev. Dr. Max Olmsted smiles and greets people at The Dover Church


At the center of worship in our Christian tradition is the sermon, a time to reflect on where God’s Word intersects our lives, informs our lives, enriches our lives, directs our lives. As our in-house theologian, our pastor seeks to help people see themselves and their lives in the light of God’s love and command to love others.

Gratitude as a Pathway to God
Nov 10, 2019
Rest in Peace, Mum
Oct 27, 2019
The Power of Touch
Oct 20, 2019
A New Thing
Oct 13, 2019
Christian Activism Compassion
Sep 29, 2019
Children's Message Compassion
Sep 29, 2019
A New Person
Sep 15, 2019
Welcome as a Sacrament
Sep 8, 2019
Fear of the Lord
Sep 1, 2019