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A woman sitting next to a piano and holding a mandolin
The Dover Church choir
The Dover Church organ


Worship at The Dover Church floats on a sea of music. You will hear music playing as you enter the church and as you leave. We will sing a few songs together during the course of the worship, and we will listen to the choir sing or instrumentalists play in support of our prayer or as inspiration or comfort. If you like music, to listen, to sing, to play, then The Dover Church may be just the place for you.

We delight in a variety of musical styles in our worship life, ranging from traditional church organ and choral music, to children’s and youth music, to bands made up of church members and friends playing Dixieland, Bluegrass and Gospel among other style. Our music varies with the worship needs of the congregation.

At the center of our music program is our Adult Choir, a group of committed singers who sing most Sunday mornings September through May with some rehearsals on Thursday evenings. Any level of aspiring or accomplished vocalist are welcome to join as time allows.

Throughout the year, our youngest children will sing to us in worship. They generally rehearse during Sunday School, with older children occasionally rehearsing and performing more advanced music. These rehearsals and performances are times of great joy for all.

Quite literally in the center of the church, you will find one of our greatest treasures, our C. B. Fisk organ, Opus 107. Installed in 1993, it has been formative in our worship life for a generation or more.

Related Ministries

Our Adult Choir rehearses on Sunday mornings, 8:30-9:30am in the Music Room. Occasional Thursday evening rehearsals are also scheduled. High School students are encouraged to join!

For more information about our Adult Choir, please contact our Interim Music Director, Suzanne McAllister.

Our Concert Choir rehearses seasonally on Thursdays, 8:00 -9:00 pm and occasionally on Saturday mornings in preparation for our Meeting House Music concerts.  These concerts are scheduled during our program year. 

Please contact our Interim Music Director, if you would like more information about joining our Concert Choir. 

People of all ages are encouraged to offer their instrumental talents and be part of our Prelude or special service music on Sunday mornings.   Please speak to our Interim Music Director if you would like to share your musical gifts with us.

Our Cherub Choir (for Pre-K through Grade 2) sings each week at the start of their Sunday school lesson, learning simple, fun songs together.  The Cherub Choir sings during worship several times throughout the year.  

If you would like to learn more about our Cherub Choir, please contact Sarah Hefter, our Christian Education Director.

Children playing at The Dover Church

The Dover Church is not just for grown-ups. From nursery school through high school, we have opportunities for young people to learn and grow, do good and share God’s love.

Children stretching their arms

Every Sunday morning we gather to worship God with song, prayer, reflection and community. It sounds like a strange thing to do, but this is what defines us as God’s people in this place.