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Who We Are

Welcome to The Dover Church…and we really mean it. YOU are Well – Come. Whoever you are, whatever your life is like, wherever you come from, whenever you feel the urge, we really want you to feel welcome here. That’s what we are all about.

We have members from Dover and many surrounding towns such as: Dedham, Medfield, Natick, Needham, Sherborn, Wellesley, and Westwood to name a few.

The Dover Church is an Open and Affirming Church that welcomes absolutely everyone, no matter where you are on life’s journey. No exceptions. Why? Because we are a “Big Tent” church, with members from diverse faith backgrounds who have all found a spiritual home here: United Church of Christ-Congregationalists, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, Agnostics, Methodists, seekers, Episcopalians, life-long church going Christians, and the faith resistant. Our questions about life and our quest for God unite us here and make us want to welcome you.

Here at The Dover Church, we are focused on five core passions:


Being Community

We really want to live our way into the Christian ideal of the beloved community in which everyone is treasured and connected.

Open Doors to the Community

We really want to welcome everyone “outside” looking for love and joy and God and Jesus and community and spiritual growth …”inside”, because we think our life together is pretty special and we want to share it.

Serving Our Neighbors

We believe that growth in faith comes through serving others, whether it is providing temporary housing or meals, hospital care in Haiti, or repairing and building homes.

Spiritual Growth

We believe that everyone is on a journey into the heart of God and here at the Dover Church, we try to help each other find their words for their story with God.

Kindergarten to Senior High Ministries

Our community is full of children and families with children and The Dover Church is here to serve this community. So we offer outstanding Sunday School education on Sunday mornings for children pre-Kindergarten – 8th grade, and youth groups for Middle School kids on Wednesdays and High School kids on Sunday nights.

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