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Meet Our Pastors

As a “Big Tent” church, we believe that not every faith community is for everyone. Each of us needs to find that place and people that feel like home. Our greatest hope is that you find happiness and joy, whether that be with us or some other place of blessing.

We think that the best way to find that home is to really try us out, meet our pastors to see if they are your flavor, come to worship to see if it fills your soul, meet a bunch of us to see if we click, and then notice if your life is changing. We never pressure anyone about joining, but we do receive new folks who think this will be their home twice a year.

Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. C. Maxwell Olmstead

Max Olmstead came to The Dover Church in 2009, with his wife and two boys. A Massachusetts native and lifelong member of the United Church of Christ, Max brings a passion for the experience of God to ministry. Whether in worship, or teaching yoga and meditation, chatting over coffee, or sharing stories of our life with God, Max seeks to help people find words for their faith, making God accessible, practical, applicable, and personal. When he was a professor of Old Norse, Vikings and Swedish language, Max lived in Colorado, California, Seattle, WA, Iceland and Sweden. When not doing things with his family or around the church, Max loves to flyfish for trout and striped bass, practice and teach yoga, kayak/canoe, run, hike and bike in the woods, and keep bees.
Associate Pastor

Rev. Kayla Edstrom

Kayla, native of Easton, MA, started as a Pastoral Associate at The Dover Church in January 2020 while finishing up seminary. She was drawn to TDC by the authenticity and welcome she found, and in June of 2020, the congregation made it official by calling Kayla to serve as Associate Pastor. Kayla is excited to come alongside The Dover Church in the work of striving together to follow Jesus, love our neighbors, and work for reconciliation and justice in the world, and she is energized by getting to spend time learning with and from young people.

When not at The Dover Church, Kayla enjoys running, reading mystery novels, gardening, cooking, and spending time outdoors with her husband and son.

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