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You’re First Visit

We know how daunting it can be to walk or drive up to a new church.

One of the reasons we made this website is so that you can look around inside and get a feel for what The Dover Church is really like before your first visit.

On this page, we have compiled questions you might have and their answers, as well as essential orientation information.

I have never been to church before. Am I welcome?

Absolutely. You are welcome. We do not have an entrance requirement. We do not insist that you believe certain things. We believe that the extravagance of our welcome is reflection of who we believe God is.

I don’t know what to do in church. How will I know what to do?

We try to not take anything for granted. While we do have our traditions, the prayers we pray, the songs we sing, when to stand and when to sit, we try our best to explain everything we do in church every Sunday mornings so that everyone really feels welcome.

I used to go to another kind of church. Can I come to The Dover Church?

Yes. Yes. Yes. We welcome everyone: church, no church; Christian, not Christian; believer, sceptic. We really mean everyone. In the end, you’ll just have to try us out to see how easy it is.

Do I have to get dressed up?

You can come dressed as you like. Some folks like to “dress up” for church and other don’t. It’s true that certain holidays like Christmas and Easter tend to be dressier, but we prefer you come rather than stay home because you don’t want to put on a tie or a dress. This is especially true for kids.

Can I take communion?

Yes. Everyone is welcome at communion at The Dover Church. You do not need to be baptized or even consider yourself a Christian. We believe that your joining us in communion might be your pathway towards those things, but those things should not stand in your way. You are also welcome to come and not participate in communion if you feel so moved. We usually celebrate the first Sunday of the month, so it is not as central a decision as others you might make coming to The Dover Church.

I grew up in a New England Congregational church. Is The Dover Church going to be familiar?

Yes! At the Dover Church you will find a traditional New England meetinghouse with pews, many of the same songs and traditions, similar preaching and praying. We like to think that we’re all unique, but in most things we are quite alike.

I used to go to United Church of Christ in another part of the United States. Is The Dover Church going to be familiar?

Yes! Our enthusiasm for welcoming everyone, for being Open and Affirming, for Justice, Peace and Care for Creation, and for creative and progressive theology will be very familiar to you.

Our Address

We are located on Meeting House Hill (have been since 1762) in the center of Dover…17 Springdale Avenue to be precise. We have two driveways, the one near Dunkin’ Donuts being the entrance and the one heading away from downtown being the exit.

Visitor Parking

We have four designated visitor parking spots located directly to the right once you come up the driveway. If these and the entire upper lot is full, we have additional parking in the town lot to the right of our driveway. Stairs up the hill are located directly across from Dunkin’ Donuts.


Two parking spots for people with mobility challenges are located by the administration wing ramp and door, which is to the right in the back corner of the parking lot when you come up the driveway. Once inside the door, the elevator is located directly to the left. Please speak with our staff or ushers if you feel you need assistance.

Where to Enter

Most people enter the Meeting House through the doors facing Sprindgale Avenue and the small lawn in front of the church. As you come towards the church, you will see our pastor greeting people (rain, shine or snow) in front of these doors until 9:55 am (worship starts at 10 am). Inside the front doors, you will be greeted by ushers who will help you find a seat and answer any questions you might have. If you are not on time, DON’T WORRY. We are pretty relaxed about joining worship. Our historic meeting house has its original pew boxes which seat 5 people. You will be given an order of worship bulletin. We hope this will help you feel comfortable participating in worship. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask our deacon on duty who will be available in the church entrance area (narthex).

Sunday School

Kraft Hall is where Sunday School is held for all children and the location of our Teddy Bear Nursery for our youngest members. Following a message for children in worship, all children will be invited to attend class with their teachers. After worship, we go over to Kraft Hall for fellowship, coffee, juice, a snack or two, and to meet up with our childen. This is a great time and place to meet and connect with friends and members of the church.


Bathrooms, which are handicapped accessible, are located at the intersection of our Administration Wing and Kraft Hall. If you need to use the Rest Rooms during worship, the easiest access is by exiting the Meeting House through the front entrance doors, crossing the patio to the right of the church, entering Kraft Hall and just keep going right. You will find our two bathrooms immediately after you enter the Admin Wing.

Floor Plan

Click the button below to download a floor plan of the church:

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